About 0xBUTT

Self-destructing and mine-able currency that can't be destroyed...

• You can mine it, only when it is necessary, without worrying whether you will be missing out if you don't.

• Rewards the miners properly, according to a mining difficulty. You simply get paid for the amount of work that you perform, while letting the Ethereum miners worry about everything else.

• Every transaction burns 1%. You can also make money doing a transaction instead of getting charged; by getting 1% from the next transaction on a chain! This way, 0xBUTT is making sure you never run out of money.

• Smart contract reduces the mining difficulty in a smart way, but only if too many coins get burned. Therefore, the 0xBUTT cannot die or become store of a value.


How does ButtCoin compare to competitors on a market ?

• There are many other features not mentioned on a table, such as, self-adjusting difficulty according to a token burning, self-regulating difficulty every 3 years, giving miners a reward according to a difficulty level, infinitely mine-able coins that don't interfere with the price of a coin, ...

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